Accent Reduction

This training is suitable for anyone who would lke to reduce their accent to sound more like a native speaker. Please note: my default is British English.

We begin the training by identifying which phonemes you need to work on. A phoneme is an individual sound that is used to create part of a word. There are 44 of them in English. Depending on your native language, you will find some phonemes easy and others or more difficult. We will only work on the ones that are difficult for you.

We will cover positioning of tongue and lips for each phoneme we choose to work on.

Once you understand how to make the sound, we will combine it with other sounds into a word, and then into sentences. The exercises will become gradually more challenging.

We will also examine other aspects of pronunciation, such as the rhythm of the language, use of upwards and downwards inflections and so on.

I normally run this training on a one-to-one basis, providing a tailor-made expereince for you. However, if you would like to have a joint class with someone you already know, I am happy to offer that too. Please let me know in the contact form.